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monsters, oh my!
envasion strives to bring you the best in crytptozology: lake monsters around the world, the loch ness monster, bigfoot, yiren, and the jersey devil. in the latest installment of the monster investigation series, envasion coorespondents take a trip to canada to bring you an in-debth investigation into the ogopogo, a giant lake monster in british columbia.

are ufos crashing into the usa?
most people know about the alien spaceship landing at roswell, new mexico. but how much do you know about the acron-shaped craft recovered by the u.s. military in kecksburg, pennsylvania? while you're at it, tell us what you think about the existance of aliens. vote whether or not you believe in ufos.

what are chemtrails?
dr. finger, a prominant atmospheric expert explores the fantasy and fiction surrounding chemtrails, the atmospheric disturbances in the sky. are they biproducts of air traffic or a sinister plot to spread chemical agents and mind-controlling substances. read this article or risk becoming an unwitting human experiment.

easter island adventures
for centuries, people have pondered the mysteries of easter island and its gigantic monoliths. in easter island: the birthplace of the world?, one envasion reporter probes the fact and fictions about the strange orgins of the huge stone statues.

connect the dots
on august 14th, the eastern seaboard of canada and the us were plunged into darkness in the largest blackout on record, during the same time as mars looms large in the sky and meteorites shower the atmosphere. coincidence? not hardly. discover the truth behind the power outtages in this shocking article.

can you spot the truth?

envasion.net was flooded with submissions for our "spot the fake" contest and now it's your turn to judge the results. browse through photos of aliens, ghosts, and odd creatures and decide for yourself if they are proof of the supernatural or just creations of over-active imaginations. if you think you'd make a good envasion reporter, or are just looking to give your opinion, see if you can "spot the fake!"

looking for an eerie vacation spot?
envasion is always on the look out for odd and wonderful places you can visit. this time, we sent an envasion.net field journalist out to investigate the odd marfa lights that can be spotted almost any night in a tiny town in texas. also, if you're headed out to the pensacola area, be sure to check out the ufo spotting capital of the world, gulfbreeze, florida.

weird weather weird weather
what can explain the rash of weather phenomenons attacking the US capital ...
kecksburg ufo ufo landing!
in 1965, an acorn-shaped spaceship landed in kecksburg and was recovered ...
bermuda triangle vanished
the bermuda triangle in the atlantic ocean has been responsible for the mysterious disappearance ...
ogopogo ogopogo
take a trip to canada to come face to face with north america's lake monster...
easter island easter island
on a tiny volcanic island in the south pacific ocean, enormous rock statues guard the ...
chem trails chemtrails
are they deliberate airborne-delivered patterns of chemical-laden smog, sprayed by the military?
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