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"ogopogo: sea monster in canada"
by lizbeth

in british columbia, canada, there is a bridge stretching over scenic 80-mile long okanagan lake. many people driving over this bridge have looked into the lake below and seen an unidentified creature swimming in the waters below them. this animal, a mythological cousin of the loch ness monster, has been seen ever since the british settled this area in the late 1800s, and by native indians long before that time. locals called this creature n'aahitka ("water demon") but it has come to be known as the ogopogo.

the canadian lake monster has been described as snake like, with the body of a serpant, flippers, a tale like a whale, and a head like a horse. scientists theorize that it is a prehistoric whale species that has been trapped in this lake for millions of years. swimmers, boaters, campers, and tourists have all reported seeing these creatures and are often spotted in groups of two or three. they are described as being between 20 and 50 feet long, and are usually gray in color.

many credible witnesses have spotted and even swam with this monster. sonar and satellite photographs reveal evidence that something does indeed inhabit this lake. andrew bennet saw the monsters in 2002 and described them as "a long ripple, a silver flash and two dark objects." in 2001, as daryl ellis was swimming, two ogopogos appeared and "looked up at him with eyes as big as grapefruits." john mcdougal in 1860 claims the monsters attacked his horses. andrew bennett described flippers and a 20 foot long neck seen in 1975. james earl and his son, dave saw it in 1940, with "three humps and the head looked like a sheep's head."

the earth's surface is covered mostly by water, and the seas and oceans of the planet are richly populated and scarecly explored. in fact, we know more about the surface of the moon than the waters of our home land. sea goers have been reporting sea monsters and mermaids since the beginning of exploration. in lakes and lochs, off of sea cliffs and the bows of giant ships, sailors and scientists alike have seen the unexplainable. strange, before unknown creatures wash up on shores and beaches, but we may never know what really lives and dies in the depths of the water. the residents of okanagan know that monsters are real, and they are all around us.


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