"the real santa: caught on tape"

is santa claus real or just a creation of commercialism? stories of st. nick date back across centuries and continents and range from a frightening punisher to a jolly joy bringer. every year kids and adults stay up on christmas eve, hoping to catch a glimpse of kris kringle as he delivers presents to good little boys and girls, and sometimes they get more than a quick look. some lucky people have been able to catch the legend on film.

these pictures were all submitted by envasion.net readers, and now we can share them with you! don't forget to have your cameras ready this december 24th just in case you make the "nice" list and get a surprise visit from the fat man himself.

our first photo was submitted by thomas of arthurdale, virginia. it was taken in 1958 by an kodak camera he had gotten for his birthday that year. thomas (then 11 years old) and his younger brother, bill had convinced their parents to let them sleep in the treehouse that christmas eve. however, instead of sleeping, the boys stayed up and watched the rooftop. their efforts were rewarded when santa and his reindeer appeared and thomas took a couple of photos before santa dropped off their toys and disappeared into the night.

this picture was taken by samantha of queens, new york. she took this three years ago with a canon rebel with 1200 speed film. the picture was so dark that she spent over an hour in the darkroom before she could lighten it up enough to expose this great image. she shot this out of her bedroom window overlooking the neighbor's house, and even though she was caught, santa still left her a wonderful surprise under her christmas tree - a pair of diamond earrings.

finally, sandi and jim of milbridge, maine captured this action shot of claus last christmas in their own living room. they had set up a motion-sensitive camera by the tree in hopes of catching their kids' faces as they ran downstairs on christmas morning, but instead caught santa himself making his delivery. they were lucky enough to get three pictures of santa on the roll and sent us a copy of the best one. imagine their surprise when they had this film developed!

thanks to all who submitted photos to envasion.net. we tried to select the clearest pictures to post here for all to see. we hope this has spread a little christmas cheer and debunked some of the awful rumors about the existance of santa. from all of us at envasion.net, happy holidays!

do you believe in santa?

did you believe in santa when you were a kid, but have since lost the christmas spirit? do you still stay up on christmas eve listening for the sound of reindeer landing on your roof? TAKE THE POLL and let us know how you feel!


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