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"the truth about the jfk assassination"

by sandy the sand man

After years of research, and finding various sources I have finally found the TRUTH about JFK.

To understand what happened one has to understand the way time progresses. Time is always moving forward. It has a definite beginning and there is an end somewhere out in the future. Now to get there we do not travel in a straight line. The path we take is more like the borings of a rifle. Each boring moves forward till it reaches the end but each takes a different path. Now our time-line is much more complex than a simple rifle's boring. There are millions of millions of different paths moving forward and the only difference between the time-lines are the choices we make which alters each strand.

Now as to what happened:

First, something went terribly wrong in the original time-line. Originally JFK survived the assassination attempt by Lee Harvey Oswald. He went on to complete his term as President. Unfortunately after that fateful day, JFK was never the same. He was excessively paranoid and extremely isolated from the people. It was reported that this was the only way that he could feel comfortable. During one of his severe depression and paranoia fits, he launched nuclear weapons on the enemies of that time; Russia, East Germany, and Canada. Yes Canada.
JFK, in another fit of paranoia, accused our brothers to the north of peeping down the USA's dress to see our secret parts. Of course due to the nuke strike we started, Mutual Assured Destruction occurred and almost all the peoples of the world were obliterated. The only survivors lived deep in caves, such as the wind caves in Tennessee, close to the earth's core where it is still a bit warmer than the nearly sub-zero climate that covered the earth.

Second, the people of that time could not believe that the human race was meant for this. They knew that JFK was the reason for everything that went wrong. So in an attempt to set everything right, the scientific minds of that time devised a time machine to send back a few people to "dissuade President Kennedy from his course of action, no matter what the cost." These people were known as task force Kilo. Kilo trained for their mission with the only help that they had, the Zebruder tape.

Third, using the Zebruder tape, task force Kilo figured out when exactly Lee Harvey Oswald fired his shots. Obviously the original tapes did not conclude with Kennedy's head exploding and going "back and to the left; back and to the left." But task force Kilo was to make sure that JFK never made it out of Dallas alive.

Here is how the team broke down and what happened in our time-line.

Kilo member 1: John
John was picked because of his former military experience. John's family was killed in the first nuclear blast since they were visiting friends in Canada. The irony of his name and his mission has not escaped him, he think it is "kinda cool." Since the loss of his family, John has had nothing to live for, so his dedication to the mission is unshakeable. John is the leader of task force Kilo.

Kilo member 2: Patricia
Patty is the only female on task force Kilo. She is a black haired dream and a wonder in the camouflage uniform she fills out beautifully. She is armed with a vast knowledge of small-arms and counter espionage training. She is probably the most knowledgeable person in these fields.

Kilo members 3, 4 and 5: Troy, Dale and Vance
These three men are the best sharpshooters in the world; before and after the war. They all have military backgrounds and all have gray eyes. Gray eyes are the most effective eyes and almost all the greatest snipers have them since they can focus on images far away easily.

Kilo member 6: Kal
Kal is the infiltrator. He can blend in and act behind enemy lines. Most of his background is unknown, suffice to say he is the chameleon of the group.

Upon the entry to Dallas, the members of the team needed to get established. John, Troy, Dale and Vance set out to find a warehouse where they could set up a base of operations. They stayed there until just before the assassination. Paticia got to go shopping and buy a new dress that she would wear at the parade. Kal went to work for the Dallas police department.

Now the plan takes place.

As the parade begins we notice that a familiar face is in the cavalcade. Kal is in the presidential limo as a guard. When it comes down the street towards the grassy knoll Patricia goes into action. She bounces up and down yelling to the president, making a perfect distraction. As the attention is focused on the beautiful body of Patricia, John, dressed in a black suit, gives his signal by raising and lowering an umbrella which he has opened. Then with precision timing and via radio contact, Troy, Dale and Vance take their shots at the same time that Lee Harvey Oswald takes his. The timing is figured out thanks to the Zebruder tapes. In the havoc, Kal is able to shoot a few shots into the frame of the Presidential Auto, causing much confusion and allowing himself and his team to slip away with little notice.

Now I must go I am sure this will greatly endanger my life so I must keep moving.




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